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15 Questions that Men never Answer Honestly. 

   All the girls constantly ask men the inconvenient questions. We do this not because we talk too much but because that is the only way to make them speak. You should know that some questions puzzle men, so they never answer honestly. Here are the 15 condemned questions from Online Ukrainian Dating!

How do I look?

   He is not lying, when he says “Great!” That is exactly what he thinks. The problem is that likely he is not even looking at you. Why are you asking about it at all when he plays FIFA?

 What are you thinking about?

 A man cannot say what he is thinking about, till the thought in his head is finished. Now it will never be finished because you interrupted the thought process with your stupid question. So he does not think about anything. Here is your answer. At least, it is the truth. 

Where have you been?

The point is not to intentionally lie to you. It is just a reflex, you know. The question is completely magical: instantly turns you both of you into a puny teenager and his strict mother. Not surprising, that a lie comes out of his mouth without thinking. 

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How was your day?

“Fine” is the most common answer. False, of course, but that is even better. Because the truth is an oral composition on the subject «Bravery and stupidity”.

Am I bothering you?

 Oh, no, of course, you do not bother us! Come on, sit down, pour yourself a beer, a box right there – help yourself. John was just going to tell that yesterday he visited the exhibition «Embroidered clothing of the world’s nations”. Right, John?

Does this dress make me fat? 

Technically the answer «Not at all, my dear! » is not even a lie. You are fat because of the food, the dress is pretty good. Nevertheless, these are the unnecessary details. 

Didn’t you notice anything?

Sounds like “Aren’t you a cretin?” Therefore, he will indignantly respond, «Of course noticed!” even if he does not see his own hand without glasses, with the help of which he scratches his own nose.

How many girls did you have?

Have you ever honestly answered the question “How many men did you have, pretty?” 

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Do you remember, what is the date today? 

Again, it is not a lie because he really does remember that it is Wednesday today. The rest information he guesses by an elimination approach: not the Eighth of March, not your birthday and definitely not the New Year. Fine, it means that it is the day when you first met!

Are you listening?


Do you like her? 

No, of course. She has the hugest lips in the world, butt the size of the Coliseum and in general, she is so old, ew! Oh, please, who can like Bellucci, are you crazy, or what?

How do you like this bag? 

Hmm…Well, it’s blue. I mean “Perfect! The cool thing. We must take it! ”

Did you say it to the other girls as well? 

Now he will tell you that he has not met a girl whom he wanted to say it yet. I mean, of course, BEFORE YOU.  Lier!  Honestly? Yeah, I bet. 

What do you love me for?

He is going to lie again. For the better, believe, as this is the most moronic question in the world. At that very moment, a classroom appears in his head with his ugly teacher screaming, “What are the good features of Juliette?”

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