Reasons Why Your Parents Should Be Your Valentine This Year!

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  There are so many reasons why your parents should be your valentine this year!
Valentine’s Day is all about love, so what better kind of
love to celebrate than absolute love?
Your parents have catered and loved you all this while, why not make them your Valentine for their undying love for you?
Read on to see some of the things you should be grateful that your parents has done for you;

1. Your Parents are the only people that will love you no matter
how many times you screw up.
The amount of mistakes you’ve made in your life are
countless, and you’re going to make an infinite amount
more. There may be times when you make your parents
exceptionally mad and they have no words for you.
Even when they can’t look at you, they still love you.
Seriously, there is no way to shake their love for you.

2. Their love for you is so incredibly unwavering that
they will protect you until their dying day.
Have you ever seen Taken? Well, that’s how I see all
parents of the world. They would literally bulldoze over
anyone with less than decent intentions for you. Boy
breaks your heart? Dead. Some guy on the street
catcalls you? Dead. Kidnappers takes you captive? Dead. Oh,
so dead that the world would be rid of all terrorists.
Bless the poor souls who ever push my parents past
the point of no return.
3. They PAID your fees
Since when you were small your parents paid your fees. Like your school fees, Plane, bus, train tickets, Amusement Parks tickets, meal ticket etc.
You should be very grateful for that!
4. No matter what you do or where you go, your parents
will think of you everyday for the rest of time.
6:03 p.m.- “I wonder how my daughter is doing?”
12:14 a.m.- “I wonder what my daughters plans are for
the day?”
3:57 p.m.- “I wonder who my daughter is with?”
Dreaming- “My daughter is the most wonderful being in
this universe (even when she gets on my nerves).”
You get what I’m saying, right? If you don’t believe me,
go ahead and ask your parents how often they think
about you a day. It’ll put my explanation to shame.
Anytime you are away from home your parents minds can never be at rest

5. Your parents would do anything if it meant making
you happy.
Parents, especially mothers can deny themselves of some latest shoes, clothes, makeup kit or boxes just to save enough money for your instant needs.
In most cases, they hardly let you know what they sacrificing for the sake of your happiness!
6. They’re the only people whose love and loyalty you’ll
never have to question.
No matter how much you trust someone, there’s nobody
you can trust more than your parents. They know your
weak points, flaws, blood type, and most likely, they
know your whereabouts at all times. There’s nothing in
this world you can’t trust your parents with.
7. Their love for you is one of the strongest loves there
John 15:12-13 “This is my commandment, That ye love
one another, as I have loved you. Greater love hath no
man than this, that a man lay down his life for his
friends.” The way God unequivocally loves his children
is the way your parents loves you. Even if you don’t
believe in a creator, you know how the story goes.
There is no greater love than the love a parent holds for
their child.
I don’t think any parent will ever like to see his or her Child suffer or experience what he has experienced in life.

I hope these are enough reasons to make you understand your parents love for you and why you should make them your valentine!

You can add yours in the comments section!!

  • Okonkwo Victor

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