My Letter To Nigerian Youths!

My Letter To Nigerian Youths
Good Day,
My Fellow Nigerian Youths,
May I present myself as Okonkwo Victor Chikaodinaka
(a.k.a Victorez)
CEO Of VictorezBlog
I am 16 Years Young!

   I will like to use this medium to share with you my views on how we can better on our own.

“I Stopped Looking For The Light but I Decided To Become The Source Of The Light”

I think I have gotten enough inspirations within me to be able to express myself for you to have a clear understanding.

   Why can’t we the youths aspire to be great to the extent where people have to research to know more about us?
I have reached a point in my life where being great is my sole ambition.
We are created to stand out and be unique in different areas of our callings.
It is doesn’t matter if you are male or female (or both), big or small, tall or short, rich or poor, priviledged or not priviledged.

   As a youth, you should be thinking about creating your own brand – be it anything that can make you creative, innovative and rich. Anything that can catapult you to the limelight positively.
I am not always an A+ student but within me, I know that I have something – something big!
You mustn’t watch all the Telemundo, Korean, Philippine movies or other Reality TV Shows like “The Kardashians”
If you are a film-lover, you can aspire to establish your own Media  Company that involves Movie Directs and Producing. Think about how fascinating it will be seeing people watch your own movies .
For the males that are breaking bottles while arguing about C Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’s Achievements; why not go and become a footballer so that people can also argue about you!
For the females that spend thousands of Nairas to purchase cosmetic products, why not aspire to open your own beauty and clothing line?
My fellow young boys, do not allow Ponzi Schemes and Sports Bettings to ruin your life.
There are no magic ways of making money without working for it.

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   Limit the number of hours you spend on Social Networks daily.
Getting Likes on Facebook won’t make you a millionaire. Excessive indulgence in Social Networks can ruin your life especially in Time Management. Some people can’t go a day comfortably without visiting Facebook and Instagram. It is pretty bad.
   We all know that life in Nigeria is not all that sweet as in life in the First World Countries like the UK, the Americas, China etc. But we are still Nigerians!
Here in Nigeria, we have many unemployed youths not because they are not educated but because there is lack of Jobs. But one can still think of many business ideas to earn a good income from like web design, blogging, Freelancing, hair styling etc.
   Do not rely on your parents wealth because it doesn’t last forever. Try to make your own name. Be better than your parents are. I am proud of my parents because of who they are to me not what they are. I want my children to be proud of me too. My parents walked so that I can run, now I am running so that my children can FLY!

   Make use of your available resources.
I believe I am the only one without a Laptop of my own.
Instead of playing video games and watching only movies, your Laptop or your smartphone can make you very smart and rich from the services it offers.
At least  I am 70% sure that you are reading this from a smartphone.
Your android or iPhone Smartphones are not only meant for chatting and playing music and making calls.
I power and run my blog only with my small LG phone. You don’t have any excuse not to make very good use of your Phone or Laptop ( at least 5% of its use).

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You can run a business without having an office or a shop just because of your Smartphone.
   Leave celebrities alone.  Go and create your legacy.
Nowadays, something is not legal or practised until a celebrity does it. You are meant to be leading not following.
All these celebrities you are cracking your brain for have made their money, fame, legacy, name. Can’t you see you are the one loosing. Emulate what they did before getting to that level and not their lavishing lifestyles.
“How can someone with a working brain be telling a celebrity that he would be priviledged for life just for being his houseboy” Is that person not hyper-crazy?

Research about the motivations of successful African Entrepreneurs like Jason Njoku – the founder of iROKOTV and Strive Masiyiwa – the founder of Econet Wireless Group and so many others.

Limit the time used in gossiping on Linda Ikeji’s blog. Go and create your own blog and be productive. Aunty Linda is smiling her way to the Bank while you are busy gossiping on her blog posts.
Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook Group in 2004 when he was only 19, now he’s worth over $52billion and you still think you cannot make it?
   Also, channel your visions to politics and listen news about what is happening in this country not only watching MTVBase.
Your are a shareholder in a Big Company called “Nigeria”.
I am telling you that this not the Era of “Youths Are The Leaders Of Tomorrow” because the man that ruled this country in 1984 still came back to rule us in 2017! Isn’t it ridiculous? Does it mean that there are no eligible political youth to take over the Power?
I’m just being curious!

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  I just need to acquire more Capital to launch a Project that I have been hatching in my mind.
    I am 16 years young, yes, and I know you will be wondering if I truly wrote this but believe you me I can never  decieve you. Anywhere you see this article without my name on it then it is pirated!
I will be glad if you share this till it reaches the last youth in Nigeria!

                                         Best Regards,
                                      Okonkwo Victor,
                                CEO of VictorezBlog.
                               Email;              okonkwovictor7@gmail. com