How To Stop Comparing Yourself With Others As An Entrepreneur.

   Seriously, ​I’ve been struggling with this conception for years. Recently, I realised that comparing myself to others is one of my biggest flaws that I urgently need to get rid of. Even though it is a constant fight I have with myself, life got so much easier since admitting this. Sometimes, comparing your level one with another person’s level ten will crush your Zeal and Enthusiasm. It doesn’t help matters especially that of Fresh Start-ups. If you feel like comparison has harmful effects in your life this post is for you.

There might be various reasons why we all tend to torture ourselves with comparisons. Study the list below and see which ways can help you move on from this annoying habit.

You Always Have To Remember That Nobody Is Perfect

  • You cannot allow what you see online/Internet to rule your life. We all tend to only highlight our happy moments on social media & hide days where we’re not feeling that well. We all do it. Thus, next time you’ll be about to get jealous of someone’s fairytale lifestyle you see on Instagram and Snapchat,  remember that you’re most probably only invited to only see the happy moments. Live your life the way you that suits your being​.
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Always Have a Plan

  When you have a working plan or an effective to-do list it is very hard for you to feel lost. When you don’t know where you’re going to, you won’t know what works for you. Make yourself a plan & stick to it. Know the​risks YOU have to take to make YOUR dreams come true & feel confident about your choices. You’re unique & you need to find your own way to make things happen. You need to find and do things that works for you.

Always Be Focused

I usually tend to scroll way too much through someone else’s Instagram feed when I don’t feel like my best self. These are the times when everyone else seems to have it way easier than I do. I realise now that this is entirely my fault & that’s why I put extra effort into doing my work right. I plan my blog + business work ahead & I even try to schedule my free time. This doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing to do, but it really helps!

Appreciate How Far You’ve Come

If you feel the need to compare, compare with yourself. Did you just get a better job? Graduated from university? Or maybe you’ve recently started working out? Every little bit counts. It doesn’t matter how others are achieving their success, you have your own ways & they work! If you put your mind to it you will soon start to notice how all of your choices are turning you into a better person each day. Do not ​lose focus because you’re​ seeing your mates make progress, what works for them might not work for you. Do not ever compare your beginning with someone else ending.

Don’t Get Jealous- Get Inspired

Look, it’s OK to explore other people’s achievements, that’s what motivates me most times. However, instead of getting jealous, you should try & learn from their success and get inspired. Think about what steps they took in order to get where they are at right now. If it’s a blogger or a local professional you admire- be brave & send them a friendly e-mail asking for some tips. I bet they will be flattered! There has never been any harm in trying.

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Having Much Confidence Is the Key

You have to believe in yourself because no one will do that for you and that’s a core rudiment of achieving success. Seriously, stop criticising every step you take & learn to appreciate every little achievement. Don’t ever waste your time in regrets or on things that didn’t work out so well as you expected. If you’re currently working on your blog or business, but feel the lack of confidence to take it to the next level, just contact me let’s​ know how I can help you.