Evaluate My Blog and Give Me A Feedback!

Blog Evaluation

Hi everyone,
I really need you to evaluate my blog and tell me in what ways I can make it better.
I have been blogging for 3 Months now. It has not been easy all this while but I think you can help me know how to hack things to your taste. I’m doing this to improve User Interface on my blog.
So, please do leave your feedback about my blog and watch me make you feel at home!!

So to everyone out there, I ask you:

How exactly do you feel about my blog?

• If you love my blog, what do you love about it the most?

• If you do not like my blog, how do you think I should change it for the better?

• Which post do you feel is relatively better than the other posts in my blog?

• Out of 10, how much would you give to my blog?

I hope you guys will take some time to give your valuable feedback. I would really be grateful!

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Thank You in Advance!!

  • I love your blog so much!!
    Especially the authenticity and the AWESOME design!!
    More grease to your elbow!!

  • Keep it up myboy. Just keep it upone day God mustbless your hardwork.but you need more effort here.but the blog is superb