Best Ways To Restore Your Confidence In Your Blog.

Bloggers Often Lack Confidence

It’s not just newbie bloggers who struggle to feel confident. If you talked to some very successful bloggers, they’d admit that they often have doubts or worries too.
Of course, confidence is an issue in all sorts of areas of life, but I think it can be especially tricky for bloggers because:
Getting to grips with lots of new technology can make you feel way out of your depth.
Writing posts can be a big worry, especially if you think you’re not a very good writer.
Putting yourself and your ideas out there for the world is often so daunting that bloggers give up before they begin!
Here’s what you need to remember:
Truth #1: Your Posts Don’t Have to be Perfect.
   Of course you want – and need – to create high-quality content, but you don’t have to be perfect from day one.

Your blog posts aren’t carved in a rock. They don’t cost you hundreds of dollars to publish. If you want, you can edit them or even delete them completely in the future.
Truth #2: You Can’t Please Everyone Anyway
Some bloggers worry a lot about getting negative comments. They might even turn off comments altogether (or avoid blogging) because of this.
But the truth is, very very few comments you receive will be negative. If someone doesn’t enjoy your post, they’ll probably just move on. In almost six years of blogging, I’ve received a tiny handful of genuinely negative comments.
Truth #3: It’s Better to Write Something than Nothing
I’ve seen some surprisingly successful blogs with posts that (to me at least) seem badly written and with design that’s amateur-looking.
And yet they’re doing just fine. That’s because the bloggers keep on publishing content, learning what readers want and delivering it.
It’s much better to write a “good enough” post than to keep on researching the perfect post, only to end up never publishing it.
Maybe those three points have convinced you, and you’re already busy blogging. But if you’re still here, it’s probably because you’re still not feeling very confident.
Here are some simple but powerful ways to boost your confidence!

    Let me tell you how you can feel more confident about your blog and hopefully help you grow further.
To begin with, promise yourself you’re going to STOP letting yourself down. You’re doing great & you have to acknowledge that. Anything you’re unhappy with you can change. You just have to put a little effort.
Identify your fears. Who’s stopping you from making your dreams come true? If you feel like your friends or family are not supportive enough- talk to them. Explain how important this is to you. We can solve so many problems in our life simply by letting others know how we feel.
Instead of looking through your Instagram feed, go ahead and order a book. You should seek for balance and self-confidence in your life if you want to feel proud of your blog. When I feel especially down, I love reading books on success stories. Most of the times, it helps me realise that I’m not the only one in this situation and that every person had to go through bad days to reach their goals. My current favourites are
The Enemy Called Average, Power Of Positive Thinking, and other Confidence Boosters etc . Make a juice & grab a read, you will get motivated in no time!
Knowing what others are expecting from your blog can help you feel needed & bring confidence in the content you create. Create a survey and ask your audience some questions! Not only it will help you understand your readers better- you can also end up with a few new ideas for your blog. Definitely wo
In the times where so many of us are struggling to self-confidence, we need people like you that just go ahead & do things! Think about how your proudness can help out the others. Whatever you write about- you don’t have to keep feeling like promoting your content is spammy. Maybe your new post will inspire your readers to reach for the stars?
I don’t believe in myself because it comes to me naturally. Not at all. Every day, I have to remind myself how hard I work to get there I want to be and how much I’ve improved since I’ve started. To learn loving yourself could be the most difficult thing that you will ever do, but it’s so worth it!
Run yourself a bath or order that unnecessary pair of shoes you’ve been dreaming about for the last month. Whatever it is- you just published a new blog post or you booked your biggest client so far- celebrate ! Friend, you need to give yourself some credit and remember that with all the hard work going on- it is important to find some “me” time as well.

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Happy person = confident person, don’t forget that!
I hope this helps!