Best Ways To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria

Best Ways To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria. In Nigeria today, we have increasing rates of unemployment among the youths. Also, Nigeria is in a stinging Economic Recession that is affecting both the young and the old. Due to this reason youths/students ought to venture into any mini business that they can a living from. You don’t have to wait for your parents to give you money anymore before you satisfy your personal needs. You must not wait until you graduate from school before you can start thinking about employment. Why can’t you start now to think about how to be your own boss or be self employed? One thing with some Nigerian youths is that they lack that Entrepreneurial Spirit or Mindset. They have the mindset of following instead of leading. In this article, I will highlight some of the ways by which one can make money as a student or youth. 1. Sell your used books

You can auction your old textbooks or novels for sale to friends, mates or other individuals you know might need it. You can make your money according to how much the books are sold in the market m

2. Write short stories or songs.

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You can write a collection of short stories for sale. You can publish it in the hard copy or make it an E-book for online marketing. This can fetch a nice amount of money. Also, if you are talented in songwriting, you can write songs with nice lyrics and sell them to Musicians or Artists and make your money.

3. Tutoring

Nowadays, there is an increase in the availability of lesson centres in Nigeria. If you are very good at sciences or arts, you can set up a lesson centre to teach students that preparing for Examinations . You can also do private lessons for students that have problems in some areas of their Academics, this can be carried out in their various homes. This business can fetch you a nice amount of money.

4. Graphics Design

Due to the increase in the advertising campaigns in Nigeria today, the graphics design business is in high demand as of now. To do this business, you just need a good Laptop with the graphics design package installed on it. You may also need a little knowledge of computer design softwares. You can design advertisement banners, Edit Advertisement videos, create logos, business cards, design book covers etc for individuals, organisations and business.

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5. Freelancing

This simply means writing useful articles for websites, organisations ,sport institutions etc and getting paid. You join some freelancing companies like the freelancer, Fiverr, Odesk etc

6. Paid Surveys

There are some websites that pay you for your reviews on the articles they post on their site. Examples are SurveySavvy, MySurvey, OnlineCashSurveys etc

7. Blogging

To me this is the best way to make Money. If you have any topic you are passionate about you can start blogging about it. Although blogging takes a lot of time before you will start earning, it will eventually pay you.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing simply means selling goods for a particular company and getting paid some commissions in return. That is, if a customer buys a good through your referring link, you will get paid some percentage in the sales made. There are some affiliate marketing companies here in Nigeria like Jumia and Konga etc

9. Breeding Pets

You can start breeding pet animals like cats, dogs , rabbits etc for money. Rare species of dogs like the Rotweller, German Shepard etc can earn a lot of money because of its high demand.

10. Web Design Services

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In this business, you have to acquire the knowledge of specific computer programming languages for effective work. You can design website or other online platforms like E-commerce websites for individuals or Companies. This can bring a very nice financial breakthrough for you!

I hope this article helps! You can add yours in comments section below!