Before You Start An Entertainment Or Lifestyle Niche Blog, Read This.

We all have a set of books, TV shows, and movies we
like. Once you start looking, you’ll find plenty of people
on the internet who, like you, like Empire, Sponge Bob, Twilight, the entire maze-like
chronology of events in Marvel superhero movies, Quantico etc.
Geeky or pop, art or music, celebrity gossip or celebrity
worship (Morgan Freeman may or may not be the God,
but Chuck Norris is definitely invincible), classic or
modernist, art, music, regular or eccentric hobbies,
wacky pranks… it’s all here.
Entertainment and lifestyle is a part of us, which is why a
niche blog in this space can be highly profitable.
The Scope of Lifestyle
A look at Google Trends (in USA) on Christmas 2016
showed this:

Four out of five top search trends are about
celebrities, movies, and sports. Obviously, this depends
upon recent events, and USA during holiday season in no
way represents the entire world.
A year ago, the global search trends looked like this:

Star Wars – The Force Awakens’ release, Rugby World
Cup, Cricket World Cup, and the Oscars made up for a
substantial amount of search queries.
The search giant even published a fashion trends report
earlier this year (August 2016).
“That’s, like, so yesterday!” Google: “You’re, like, so
totally wrong, girl!”
People may or may not like their work. But they
are passionate about their play, hobbies, and interests.
The great thing about entertainment and lifestyle is that
anyone can find their passion (which, ideally, is what
your blogging niche should be) within this category and
the audience will be just as (if not more) passionate as
you. Back to my first point about how nothing is too
weird for the internet.

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It’s profitable. Almost all the pure-play giants
making actual revenue in this niche publish solely in
verticals of Food (Bon Appetit, Eating Well), Lifestyle
( Good Housekeeping, AARP, O – The Oprah Magazine ),
home decor (HGTV), and health and fitness (Shape,
Women’s Health) .
Popular websites within the niche are Diply, Wittyfeed,
GameFAQs, Cracked, Nerdist, and countless others. Even
some of the more ‘serious’ publishers like Reuters,
Financial Express, Indian Express, Forbes, etc. are
getting in on the action with devoted site section for
entertainment news:
Benefit of blogging in this niche? Great and unending
interest. You will have a loyal readership with minimal
effort. But there’s fierce competition; which some would
consider a nice challenge. According to Luke Jordan,
SEO and blogging mentor, “You can use the saturation to
your advantage.”
Ultimately, I’m happy to take a tiny piece
of a big pie, rather than a big piece of a
tiny pie, because every now and again you
will create something special that drives
tens or even hundreds of thousands of
visitors (and a high level of revenue to
match). You can make content better than
anyone out there as long as you put your
mind and heart to it, meaning you’ll stand
out from the mass of people all doing the
same thing.
— Luke Jordan, Founder, ( Source )
What about revenue? Shouldn’t you be picking a more
‘profitable’ niche, like “WordPress” or “How to make
money blogging”? Sure, money attracts money. But it’s
not like there isn’t any competition there (money attracts
money after all).
How do you pick a niche? (That’s a)
Horrible mindset. Pick where you feel you
most belong and serve them. If it’s the
right place, money-making will be the
byproduct of great service.
— Chris Brogan, CEO Owner Media Group
Like Confucius (and Marc Anthony, and so many others)
preached, “Choose a job you love, and you will never
have to work a day in your life.”
The Opportunity for Lifestyle
The niche encompasses high-interest topics like
health and fitness, beauty, fashion, food, dating,
arts and entertainment, travel, and more. Interest
in your blog and audience engaged in your
content (if it’s good and not scraped together
from other sources ) will almost never wane.
Display Advertising: Your audience likes the
subject, and engagement will be high on quality
content. A healthy number of active view
viewable impressions can help you make good
revenue through CPC bids. Additionally, revenue
for consistently high-ranking lifestyle bloggers
can come from direct deals with CPG brands like
Unilever, Kimberley Clark, Kellogg’s, Target,
Mondelez, etc. (a lot of their products will fall in
categories you will write about daily as a niche
lifestyle blogger).
Influencer marketing: 59 percent of marketers
will increase influencer marketing budgets in
2016. (Source )
What makes influencer marketing the emerging trend in
digital marketing? With growing adoption of ad blocking
and rampant fraud, advertisers are looking up other
ways to reach customers. Lifestyle bloggers can really
take it up a notch with the kind of trust and rapport they
have with their audience.
Source: Adpushup blog

  • Okonkwo Victor