Are You A Blogger? See How To Find Brands To Work With.

Here are some of the things
you should focus on if you’re currently trying to land
some brand collaboration opportunities.

Grow Your Audience

The first thing you will want to focus on is your
audience. You should thrive for an active, engaged
readership. Many brands look at your blog’s + social
media’s comments to see if your community is
actually responding to your content. Make sure to ask
questions at the end of your posts, comment back &
write generally engaging content. Don’t forget- being
engaged creates engagement.

Have a Clear Niche

It’s way easier to find the brands to work with if you
have a clear niche indicated & attract the right kind of
audience. I know that it might be tempting to blog
about all the topics you feel passionate about, but you
can really win so much more if you find the right
niche .

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Be Professional

If you want to get business opportunities, you have to
represent yourself right. It is a business after all.
Make sure to install a professional looking blog
design template , prepare a media kit & write
informational about + contact page. Think about your
blog as your business card- brands want to work with
respectable, trustworthy bloggers and you should be
sure to stand out this way.

Find The Right Contacts

On many brand websites, you should be able to find
an email dedicated to PR/Blogger Collaborations. If it
includes the name of the person in charge- make sure
to use it in your e-mail! It creates friendlier
atmosphere straight away. Of course, you can always
use social media for getting in touch with smaller
brands. However, if you want to land a deal with a
bigger company- have in mind that they deal with
plenty of social media engagements every day, so
your message can just get lost in the crowd.

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What To Say?
Be yourself. Really. Introduce your journey so far, your
blog’s audience and goals. Explain why you think your
blog and the brand would be a perfect match and
kindly ask if they have any blogging opportunities
available.Just keep it short & sweet. Lastly, you will
want to include your blog’s media kits with all of your
stats & general info.

I Hope This Helps!