5 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Money From Your Blog.

5 Reasons You’re Not Making Any Money From Your Blog.
There are many bloggers out there in the blogosphere providing wonderful online content & still struggling to make a single penny out if it. The main thing is that they’re not taking the right approach towards monetising their website. If you’re currently struggling to start earning a living from your blog this post is for you.
Below are the things you should consider ;

•You Are Very Impatient And Lazy

This is usually normal for newbies, when you created your blog newly, nobody told you that blogging is not easy at all. You had the misconception that once your blog is launched money will start flowing in. Just like that? No, blogging requires hard work and determination. As a blogger, I can’t remember how many sleepless nights I had in just two weeks.
You must be patient and optimistic for your blog to start earning a penny for you.
Everything must not be in a haste. ‘Slow and steady wins the race’. Just Remember that the “Patient Dog Eats The Fattest Bone”!

•Unresponsive Design

This is the most dreadful of all. In blogging, what people think about you is more powerful than what you think about yourself.
If your blog’s design and layout is scattered, people will see you as a scattered individual. So, you see why you should consider your blog’s design first and foremost.
I can’t enjoy my stay on a blog that is not mobile friendly and has bad User Interface (UI) like unresponsive sidebar ads, too many plugins on the homepage etc.
Bad design can scare off your potential advertisers and readers making you earn little or nothing from your blog/website.

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•You don’t have nice BRANDING

Just as in any other business, you have to represent yourself professionally if you want to start earning money from your blog. You have to stop telling your readers to leave your blog. Your branding is the FIRST thing people see when they arrive at your website. You HAVE TO make sure it’s on point. You even don’t have to spend thousands of Nairas branding your online space/ blog.

•You Don’t Have a Strategy

If you really want to start making a living online from your blog, you can’t just sit there and wait until the money rolls in. Create yourself a strategy & stick to your plan. You can set yourself a number such as how many brands you’re going to reach out to throughout the week or how many guest posting opportunities you’ll try to get by the end of the month. Be realistic, but make sure to challenge yourself. You should also decide how many times a week you’re going to publish new content. For example, you can post 2-3 times a week depending on the course of your niche. Having a schedule makes you look more trustworthy.

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•If You Haven’t Established Yourself as an Expert

Whatever niche you blog on, you should show your expertise in the field before you can start getting clients. Blog passionately, use social media & simply don’t forget to be yourself. By posting regularly, you can convince your target market that you understand enough about your field. This should be your number one goal.


•You are not appreciating your audience/readers.

This can be a very bad attitude. If you don’t appreciate your audience, they might have a bad impression of you. If you don’t reply to their comments and questions/feedbacks they may stop coming around anymore. This can make to loose more readers as well as your potential clients!

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Happy Blogging!

Alright folks! Hope you enjoyed this post.
Let me know if you’re already making money from your blog! What worked for you so far?