5 Best Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2017

5 Best Ways to Make
Money Online in Nigeria —
in 2017.
    Recently, more and more people having  jumping into
the various channels of online business , the
competition is getting tougher by the day.
But the good news is, new opportunities
keep showcasing themselves with each passing day. Truly,
this fact is what smart people always
capitalize on.
  I have never for once stopped researching for new, smart
ideas for making money online especially in Nigeria.
During most of my Researches, I
stumbled upon untapped ideas or reborn modifications of some existing online business ideas.
But the truth is, I just can’t implement every
single business idea I come upon. And that’s why I
don’t hesitate to share them with people who
can summon the courage to implement
these fresh ideas into reality.

In addition to the business ideas you might have read before,
here are five smart and fresh ideas on
how to make money online in Nigeria;

1. Create A Nice And Down-To-Earth Specialized Niche Website

I bet by now you must have  heard of popular
Nigerian Top websites like Seun Osewa’s  – Nairaland (The Biggest Online Discussion Forum In Nigeria, Jobberman (A Job And Vacancy Search Portal), Vconnect (online business directory)
and so on.
Although, each of these sites offers products in a
different way, their main target audience is Nigerians. And to grow them into the big,
popular, and successful brands that they’ve
now become, the people behind them invested a lot of
money, time, and what I call “Internet Resources”.

While the idea of setting up the next
successful forum or job board might seem
appealing, you won’t be able to implement it
without a big budget and a team of seasoned
professionals. But does that mean you still
can’t make money from the same model? No.
So, how can you tap from the opportunities
that these super websites are tapping from?
It’s simple; just narrow down. You know
what I mean? OK, I’ll explain.
As you know, Jobberman targets job seekers
all over Nigeria by publishing job vacancies
across all sectors of the economy and states
of the federation. Instead to aiming for
something that big, consider starting a job
search portal that would list vacancies in
only one field (engineering, teaching,
accounting, or something else) or in only
one geographical location (state or city).

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I can tell you that the most searched keyphrases by Nigerians are things related to making money, employment etc  . And that leaves me with no
doubt that a job search portal targeted at
only one or few career fields or locations in
Nigeria is a smart idea.
Similarly, you can create an online forum
that discusses only one topic unlike Nairaland (such as sports
or business) or targets users within only one
State or Region. This same strategy can be
applied to other forms of specialized
websites (property listing sites, classified ad
sites, price and specs comparison sites, reviews sites and so on).
Another bright side of this idea is that it
gives room for expansion. After achieving
success in your chosen niche, you can
expand by including more niches and

2. Create a micro-niche blog for a diverse

A niche blog is an information-laden online
resource that is laser-targeted at a particular
topic, category of people, or location. Here
are good examples of niche blogs:

  A blog about electronics and electrical appliances:

This would feature information about
different types and models of electrical appliances like blenders, cookers, refrigerators and how they compare
against each other. The owner’s aim
would be to make money through
affiliate marketing — earning
commissions each time someone buys a
product through one of the affiliate
links on the site.

A blog for Under-Graduates:

This would feature
information about life in Universities
as well as products and services that
Under-graduates may need. Such a blog can be
monetized through affiliate marketing
and banner ads, sponsored posts by interested advertisers

A blog for Parents:

This would
feature detailed posts written around
topics that parents are searching the
Internet for. The posts would cut across
several topics — from helpful tips to
reviews of parenting techniques and
steps — but they would be tailored
to people having difficulties in Parenting (regardless of
the location of the owner). Such a blog
can be monetized with contextual ads,
direct ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts etc .

From these examples, you must have deduced
that any mega topic can be narrowed down
by being tailored to a specific set of people
or audience, or by being smartly
streamlined based on any other criterion.
While you’re free to target a local audience
with a niche blog, you’d be better off with a
global audience because it would be far
more profitable in the long run. Although
targeting a global audience can be more
challenging, it usually presents better
opportunities for monetization and growth and  also wider experience.
(However, it goes without saying that if
you’re targeting your niche blog at a specific
geographical location, you can no longer
target a global audience in that case.)

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3.Freelance services

There are two ways to mastering any
subject: you can either know something
about every topic or know everything about
one topic. The former option is the
generalist approach, while the latter is the
specialist approach.
In today’s world, specialists — in any field
— are usually more respected than
generalists, probably because it’s tougher to
break into the specialist cadre, while anyone
— even without the right qualifications —
can wear the “generalist” tag.
So, rather than be a general freelance writer ,
you should focus only on business plan
writing, CV/cover letter writing, proposal
writing, fiction ghostwriting, or copywriting.
Rather than be a general freelance  web developer,
you should focus only on blog setup/design,
e-commerce site development, business
website development, or something related.
And rather than be a freelance graphics
designer, you should focus only on
designing website banners, business logos,
e-book covers, or landing pages.
As for me, I’d favor a specialist in business
plan writing over someone who parades
himself as an “all-round” freelance writer.
And I’m sure anyone who appreciates
quality services would do the same.

You can also make tangible amount of money as a freelance writer if you’re very good in writing pieces of articles. You can write an article and sell it depending on the bidder.

Visit my ‘Hire Me’ Page to see the freelance services that I offer.

4. Affiliate Marketing Programs

This option is for smart folks who are good
at marketing, establishing connections, and
sealing business deals.
Affiliate marketing simply
involves getting paid a varying commission when you help a producer to sell a product, service, goods to a consumer.
Affiliate marketing is not always easy for some people who are not  determined because it takes a little time.
There are many affiliate marketing programs you can join or register for here in Nigeria like Jumia Affiliate Program, Konga Affiliate program, CJ Affiliate, Amazon Associates etc
When you register, the company will give you a unique referral link that you will share to your friends, social media accounts and other outlets.
When you persuade your friends to buy from an Online Retail Store like Konga using your unique referral link, you will get paid a varying commission percentage based on the product sold.
  But for this to work out very well you will need a blog or website. Check out my ‘Hire Me’ Page to see the services I render.

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5. Graphics Design

Here, you can make money in many ways. The most essential tool here is a functioning Laptop. But you must also be somehow a ‘geek’ because sometimes your programming skills may be required. Your job as a Graphics Designer includes logo and banner design, website branding, Photoshopping, Video Editing and so on.

The choice is yours!
If you’ve been short of ideas on how to
make money online here in Nigeria , you just
got another five brilliant ones. Look
critically at each of them, make your choice,
and get started immediately before others
outsmart you. Remember that you are not the only one that read this post.

Do you have any questions regarding the
post (or something else)? Or you have
contributions or objections? Share your
thoughts by getting into the comments box!.