5 Best Improvements You Should Make To Your Blog In 2017

One of my 2017 resolutions was to reinvest back into my business. We all reach a point in blogging where in order to grow further, we have to be ready to make smaller or bigger expenses. Here are 5 investments every blogger should consider making.

1. Going Self-Hosted

If you’re taking your blog seriously, self-hosting is the way to go. I know you’ve been postponing this for ages, but the time has come to get your own space on the internet & invest into a trustworthy web hosting package. You also shouldn’t worry about the process too much, with the right resources, you can even launch your self-hosted WordPress site today!
Here at VictorezBlog I host my website on a Nigerian Hosting Service Provider -WhoGoHost Limited- and they have a good User Experience and a First-Class Customer Support.
You can check them out!

2. Blog Design

I’ve been saying this over & over again, but I just want to make my point clear- your blog design matters more than you think it does. It’s the first thing your readers notice when they visit your blog. It also doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. If you purchase a premade blog template, you can have a professional blog in no time without making a huge investment. You have to design your blog to be very Responsive and User-Friendly. Your Readers
will cherish a blog with a good Navigation Bar and Well-Placed Advertisement.

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3. Security

Many Sites have been hacked way too many times. It all could have ended tragically if I hadn’t secured myself up front by using the best web hosting services. Some bloggers were lucky enough to put their websites back in order after the first attack happened because of the great technical support their host was able to offer. Subscribe to Sucuri services to show you a life changing experience about Site Security. Feeling safe is absolutely worth a few extra bucks a month.

4. Coaching

Whatever it is- social media strategies, UX reviews or business marketing- you can’t simply know it all. We all love our friends & families, but what the heck do they know about blogging? Right? Sometimes we all just need to hear an honest opinion from someone in the same field. For this reason, I will launch my Blog Consulting services very soon, as I know you guys could use some help in growing your blogs further. I’m ready to take some load off your shoulders!
Also, try to consult Experts in your niche for Coaching.

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5. Schedulers

Seriously, these saves me so much time! It only requires a couple of hours & I’m all scheduled for the rest of the month. I seriously don’t know how I could do it all without my favourite blog scheduling tools.
As a Blogger, you should schedule your posts in order to save more time for you. You can use the Buffer App to care of your Soçial Media outlets.
I hope this article helps!
*Comment Your Thoughts or Add More Investment Strategies!