15 Strategic Ways To Be A Millionaire Before 25!

Today I am going to enlighten us on the 15 Strategic Ways To Become A Millionaire Before 25!
I’m quite sure at this stage of your life you are already looking forward to a better financially-stable life. We all want to make it early in life. After all, the goal is to retire young and rich. There is no one that wishes to be poor in this present time. I am not going to talk about business ideas or examples today but I am going to talk about how to become a millionaire strategically.
   The million-dollar question is, “What Are You Doing Towards Achieving Your Goals and eventually Success?” We must ask ourselves this question everyday of our existence.
Have already set your life goals?
The funny thing about getting rich is that , you mustn’t have a particular certificate or degree before you acquire riches. The only thing you have to do is to nurture the “business mindset” in yourself. I have a lot to say if you leave me, but let me save your time.


Below, I will list the core principles you have to abide by within yourself before anything can work.

1. Have The ‘Business-Mindset’

   This is a very important aspect in your quest to become a millionaire. This involves your MIND AND MINDSET. Your mind is just like a vast plot of land with a very fertile soil, then your mindset is what you plant on the fertile soil. Here, what you give your mind is what you receive and there are no two ways about it. Your mind is your source of light. It’s on your mind that your innovations are first created, then nurtured and made physical. Your mindset is what determines how your future will take its shape.
    If you nurture a ‘Billionaire Ambition’ and believes in it, I bet you, nothing can step in your way. A person without a mindset is like a car without an engine or petroleum he can never move on his own. Before you make anything happen in a long term business you must have a positive mindset towards that course or purpose.

2. Analyze Your Life!

   Here, you have to look into your past life, check for things that did work for you and things that didn’t work, evaluate your likes and dislikes. Select the things that will help you achieve your calling or goals.
   This is the time you discover what you were wired for and chase the ambition. Look for where your passion works most.
You want to be a lawyer when you were wired to be an Accountant?
You want to be a Medical Doctor because your parents said so?
The funny thing is that your parents won’t study those fat textbooks for you, they aren’t the one to have sleepless nights because of an upcoming exams. Choose your career according to what you have passion for.
Do you think you are going to make it as an Engineer just because you graduated with a First Class Certificate?
Bill Gates (World’s Richest Man) once said and I quote ” I failed many courses while in school but my friend passed all, today he works at Microsoft but I own Microsoft “.

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3. Set Your Goals!

   This is the most vital principle. It takes a disciplined person to abide by a set goal.
Here, you will have to lay down those things you want to work towards on a paper and then embed it on the permanent site of your brain. Your goals should influence your daily activities.
    The best way not to forget your goal is to remember it always. Set your goals according to what you have passion for.
This will make your life enjoyable.

4. Believe That You And Only You Can Do It!

   Now that you have already set your goals, you have to accept the fact that you are the only one in your team. Know it that in this journey, you are the driver as well as the passenger. Sometimes, there would be nobody to encourage you in the hard times.
    You have to train your mind to be your own source of light, inspiration and motivation. Just believe in abilities and capabilities. Just believe that ‘You can and You Will’.

5. Pray! ( Always)

   Prayer is your greatest asset. To me prayer is a very miraculous magic that holds investments. It is not an option, it’s a great necessity. It is the secret of many successful people. God is the greatest consultant in all the life endeavors. Form the habit of praying always. In every situation, give thanks!

6. Be Real (and pure)

  Just be yourself and be real. Live your life according to what works for you, don’t ever fake anything, do not copy or mimic another person’s work . Tell yourself the truth always because you know what you can do and what you can’t do.
   The most dangerous lie ever is the one you lied to yourself. And also, keep your dealings clean and legal. Work smart but don’t break the law.

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7. Love Yourself and What You Do.

  This is a vital part of becoming an Entrepreneur.
This is crucial in the sense that if you don’t love yourself, there is no way you will love any product or service that comes from you.
   Have a special love for yourself. Develop a strong self-esteem and self-image. Love yourself as yourself…lol

8. Always Be Happy!

  Many good surprises comes to you mostly when you are in a happy mood.
Happiness attracts Happy things. Happiness is a habit, let be part of your behavior and you won’t be able to remember the last time you had a problem.

9. Don’t Ever  Compare Yourself!

This doesn’t mean that you won’t know when you are performing below expectation.
Comparing yourself with another person can damage your life, dreams and career gradually.
    When you notice that ‘Mr X’ is performing better than you are, do not take it to heart, don’t start worrying over it. The first thing you have to do is ‘Find out Mr X’s strategies, put it into practice and then double your hustle’. But remember, what worked for ‘Mr X’ might not work for you.
Have your own unique strategies and stick to your goals.

10. Appreciate the ‘Going’ so far!

    Here, you have to look back into your achievements and know how far you’ve gone. Analyze what you have achieved and what you haven’t. Most importantly, appreciate everything for better for worse.

11. INVEST !
Continue Chasing Your Dream and check if you are still moving according to goals or not.

12. Earn
     This is the sweetest part of it all, reaping the fruits of your labour. Also, be optimistic for more and bountiful earnings in the future.

13. Spend less and relevantly

14. SAVE
Don’t Save To save, save to invest

15. Repeat the Processes and Also be optimistic.

Some Skills That Will Help You to Become a Successful Entrepreneur Include:


– running your own business requires dealing with any number of factors on any given day. Successful business owners are able to pinpoint their focus onto accomplishing specific tasks and goals at specific times.


– it is a skill to be able to weather the various ups and downs of business without allowing them to destroy your focus. Truly successful entrepreneurs are able to continue traveling down the path of success even when the future looks bleak.

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Management Skills

– a successful company requires the right people and successful business owners need to know how to properly manage these people.

Long Term Vision

– while it is easy to focus on what the company needs to do in the next several days or weeks to be successful, truly exceptional entrepreneurs (the ones who see real success in their business ventures) are able to plan years ahead of time.


– regardless of what type of company you are running, you need to be able to sell your vision to others in order to become successful. Entrepreneurs need to have great salesmanship skills whether they want to or not.


this is one of the most important skills any entrepreneur can possess. It is vital for a business owner to trust that they can depend on themselves.


the ability to pause, reflect and learn is a very valuable skill for the business owner. Entrepreneurs must be able to learn from their mistakes and reflect upon what they have learned in life.


the skill of earning knowledge is one that every successful business owner has. It is also a skill that they never stop developing.

To be successful in your entrepreneurial dreams you have to be able to learn from others. The best way to learn the skills of a successful business owner is to study the skills of successful entrepreneurs and then to grow those skills in yourself.

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